I spent the weekend at Capclave, a small literary science fiction and fantasy convention. The guest of honor was George R.R. Martin (the Game of Thrones dude); however, I have not read Game of Thrones, nor have I seen the series, so his presence meant nothing to me. But there were a lot of people there totally excited to get his autograph, and it’s fun to be in the midst of such excitement. I did, however, get a lot out of the various writing and publishing panels. They were very useful.

Also, the con got the creative brain cells fired up. For three weeks I’ve had this short story going nowhere. I had a concept that I loved and a very broad idea of the story I wanted to tell, but I couldn’t come up with, you know, a plot. Kind of important. The page just sat there, mocking me. But over this weekend I found inspiration, and I now have the entire story outlined. I typed up the detailed outline on my phone, which I really can’t recommend, but it worked. I organized the notes into a real outline as soon as I got home, and tomorrow I enter the prose phase.

In related news, I recently sold my first short story. It will be appearing in an anthology entitled Athena’s Daughters. The book will be funded via Kickstarter, and my story is actually one of the stretch goals, meaning funding must go above the base in order for my story to actually be a part of it. So come December (when the Kickstarter kicks off) I’ll be hassling everyone I know to buy it. Consider yourself warned. I’m very excited about it. It’s a collection of stories all by women authors with strong female protagonists. More details later.