farpointsignIt was fun! I mostly stuck with the writing panels rather than the science panels this time. I learned a few things. I hung out with friends. I met some other writers. I found something I want to buy at a future con once I have a job again. (This one dealer had these beautiful pocket watches for totally reasonable prices. I want one! She’ll be at Shore Leave for sure – I asked – and I should (please, God) have a job by then.)

A friend stuck a Darth Vader Penny Blossom in my hair on Saturday. I am so not a flower-the-hair person, but… I kind of liked it. I know! I’m shocked too! It kept falling out because my hair is too short, so I gave it back before I lost it (had to retrace my steps once to find it), but she stuck it back in my hair the next day once a rubber band was added to give it traction. That trick worked, so I came home and submitted a custom order for a couple Star Trek Penny Blossoms and a Ravenclaw one, too. (Go Ravenclaw!)

[All photos here.]