Time to start a new feature: Cooking with Pinterest. I used to pin all kinds of things to my Pinterest page, but it’s devolved to nothing but a place to save recipes. It’s very good at that, so I have no complaints. And I’ve actually been trying some of the recipes! Some of them are winners; they get moved from “Recipe Things” to “Recipes Things – Tried and Liked.” Others are not winners; they get unceremoniously deleted.

So I’m going to blog both. I’m not going to take pictures of the process. That’s way more work than I’m interested in and will guarantee I’ll bail on the whole thing. I would, however, like to post a photo of my finished product for the sake of comparing with the photo accompanying the recipe. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a photo of today’s recipe. In case you’re wondering, it looked nothing like the photo accompanying the recipe.

Today’s recipe: Honey Garlic Baked Cauliflower.

I often play fast and loose with recipes (especially if they call for onions), but I followed this one exactly. Well, almost exactly. I couldn’t find our measuring spoons, so I used a regular spoon and figured if the ratios were correct, that was good enough.

The recipe was easy. Cut up the cauliflower, coat it, and bake it. While it’s baking, mix up the sauce. The only bad turn was that either the recipe called for too much cornstarch or my ratios were off. The sauce thickened way too much and way too fast. This wasn’t a problem for taste, but it meant tossing the cauliflower to coat it was out. I ended up just sort of dipping the cauliflower and sort of cutting off a piece of the sauce with my fork. It worked fine. I actually think it would have been better if I hadn’t added any cornstarch at all. It seemed to have a nice consistency for coating the cauliflower without it.

Conclusion: Delete it. The sauce didn’t work for me. The thickness issue can be fixed easily, but the flavor just wasn’t enjoyable. Too garlicky. I could leave out the garlic, but I don’t think it was good enough for that to be enough of a fix. I wonder if roasted garlic would be better (I love the mellow flavor of roasted garlic), but this wasn’t good enough to be worth experimentation, and that would significantly lengthen preparation. I liked the breaded cauliflower, and if I can find an awesome sauce to go with it, that’s worth doing again. As cauliflower tends to be, it’s too bland alone, but it had a great texture.

So many recipes, so little time, so this one does not get saved to be eaten again.