About the Author

Tanya Spackman was born and raised in Utah, but now lives in Washington, DC. She attended Brigham Young University, graduating with a degree in molecular biology. Discovering that, while viruses were awesome, she hated lab work, she applied that degree to technical writing. She has since spent many years as a technical writer/editor for various corners of the military. In addition, she is on the executive board and manages the final editing phase for the journal Interpreter.

Tanya also edits novels and short stories as a freelancer and for Silence in the Library Publishing.

Her first short story was published in the anthology Athena’s Daughters.

Latest Blog Posts

Cooking with Pinterest: Pineapple Fried Rice

I recently tried this recipe for pineapple fried rice. I have had some awesome pineapple fried rice over the years at various restaurants, so I was eager to try this recipe. I like fried rice in general, so I fully expected to like it. I ended up making this twice....

Cooking with Pinterest: Honey Garlic Baked Cauliflower

Time to start a new feature: Cooking with Pinterest. I used to pin all kinds of things to my Pinterest page, but it’s devolved to nothing but a place to save recipes. It’s very good at that, so I have no complaints. And I’ve actually been trying some of the recipes!...


I never need to find motivation to edit someone else’s work. Deadlines provide proper motivation. But finding motivation to write has proven elusive… until recently. I like stickers. When I was in elementary school, I had a pretty good sticker collection....